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By Law, you are not required to obtain more than one estimate for damage to your vehicle.


Be cautious if your insurance company tries to pick a repair shop for you.  It's called "steering" and it's against the law. In most cases insurance company referral shops offer discounts to the insurance company in order to be on their preferred shop list.  The referral shops make deals with the insurance companies to get on their lists.  These "deals" may not be in your best interests.  Could this mean discounted quality for you?


On your behalf, we can negotiate your insurance claim for you, with no hassle and with your best interest in mind. If more repairs are required over the initial estimate, we will contact your insurance company for a supplement to be sure your vehicle is repaired to its pre-accident condition.  We can repair your vehicle with quality and do it quickly. 

Differences in estimates are common. A lower estimate may not include all the necessary work. If you are not sure why one estimate is different from another, please ask us.  This also includes estimates written by the insurance company.

If you have rental coverage, we will gladly help setting up your rental.



STOP immediately, but do not obstruct traffic

ALWAYS (when conditions permit) move to the shoulder of the road or other 'safe area' to prevent further damage.

ALWAYS ask someone to call the police and seek medical assistance....repeat every 5 minutes until they arrive.

NEVER disavow injury to you or your passengers.

SECURE names, phone numbers, addresses of other drivers, witnesses, injured persons.

SECURE make, model and license plate numbers of all cars involved either on paper or through photos.

TAKE a photo of the accident scene.

DON'T hastily accept a claim settlement a the scene of the accident.

REMAIN Calm, Courteous, and Consistent in your version of the accident.

NOTIFY the owner of the car you are driving as soon as possible if you are not the owner.

GIVE us a call at (607) 398-2045 as soon as possible for all of your repair needs. 



You have the right to have your vehicle towed to any location you choose

By law, you have the right to have your vehicle repaired at ANY shop of your choice.  The insurance company can not require you or "steer" you in the direction of using their preferred shop.  

By law, you do NOT need to get more than one estimate.  

Your insurer must negotiate in good faith with the shop of your choice

Your insurance company is responsible for payment to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition

You have the right to a rental car if the damage was caused by someone else and their insurance company is paying the claim... be sure to ask for this

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